New projects and plansĀ 

As Thorn Squadron moves to a new home in tapas, I continue writing other things.  Last month Disney/ABC ran a talent search for new writers. Two scripts had to be made, a spec and an original. After suffering to get both out, I can say I did the best I could with the time I […]

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Thorn Squadron, a new beginning.

Unfortunately the Kickstarter for Thorn Squadron #1 wasn’t completed. A bit heartbreaking but understandable since we are a bunch of unknowns. It’s a learning experience and we decided to restructure our goal and focus. Talking with Alaire, we decided to slowly build up a fanbase, since that’s something I should’ve done from the start. We […]

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Kickstarter Update #1

Things have slowed down considerably but I’m still optimistic. It has been exciting this whole process and I’m learning and stepping out of my element. I wrote a press release and have a press kit if needed. I also did a plan to see if I can advertise with the local comic book shops, get […]

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Thorn Squadron Crowdfunding!!!!

It’s finally here! After months of work, getting art done, colored, and lettered, editing to make this vision reality, and just dealing with every little thing that came about, it’s finally ready! THORN SQUADRON is having a kickstarter! Join Alaire Racicot (artist), Bethany Consoliver (colors), Toben Racicot (letters) and me as we show the world […]

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Thorn Squadron Progress

This week we’ve reached the halfway point in production for the first issue, with page 11 colored and lettered. Issue 2’s still on pencils and inks, and reached page 7. I’m proud of how far it’s gone, but the process is slow because I’m unable to afford the work at the speed I would like. […]

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When I’m bored at work I doodle. I’m not good at it but it keeps me entertained.  My last one was Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends. 

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Chispa – a short story.

Moving boxes and other paraphernalia I discovered some old, maybe 15-year-old, notebooks and journals. Inspecting their content I found some old notes by my dear Uncle William, God rest his soul. These notes, dusty and damaged by moisture and the years, looked to be a story. There was a name attached, a Deckard Cain.

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