Shelving ideas

Two updates ago I mentioned a project I was working on called Sarajevo. Unfortunately, that’s being shelved as I couldn’t get a grasp on it. Jorge and I are still working on something that should see the light of day. It’s a project we tried to do a few years ago.  More news later on […]

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Current state of affairs. 

Last night I had the pleasure of being interviewed for a podcast. Team Lift, run by Roderick McDanield and Brandon Buie, it’s a locally produced show about geek culture. They had already interview many in that sphere of influence, from DICE developers to professional esports players.  Besides job offers, this is the first time I’ve […]

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A new project: Sarajevo

As I finished writing the last issue of Thorn Squadron, I wanted to do something else. I wanted to work on a longer project with Jorge, a friend of mine since middle school. Some ideas were forming, especially the look of the main character. I struggled with the writing, though, as I couldn’t get a […]

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Thorn Squadron Concept Art 7

One of the inspirations for Thorn Squadron was an idea I had based on super teams, like Gatchaman and Sailor Moon. The original idea had a team of girls with abilities fighting bad guys The Gentleman—visually based on a young Udo Kier—and The Cuckoo while being part of a place called Eumenides Academy. Then I sat […]

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Thorn Squadron Concept Art 6

Captain Rima Cofresi was a character that came to me quickly, mostly because I wanted a Puerto Rican character. I tend to like the last name Cofresi, as it’s the only surname that was created in Puerto Rico. Also, that’s the name of a famous pirate. Captain Cofresi leads Thorn Squadron with a smile on […]

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Thorn Squadron Concept Art 5

This was another quick work from Alaire. She really got into the characters, finding their look and capturing their essence. 1LT. Celester Quartz. She’s the XO and second-in-command. Goes by Thorn Two. Cool-headed and a pillar for the team. She can be really open to Captain Rima Cofresi.

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